How to Share a Small Bedroom – Without Falling Out
How to Share a Small Bedroom – Without Falling Out
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Don’t let a tiny sleep space kill the love between you and your partner! Follow these design tricks and tips for happy co-habiting.

Sharing a small home with your partner can put pressure on both of you. It is harder to be forgiving of mess, but not so easy to be tidy when there is little room for acres of smart storage. Nowhere is this more pronounced than in a small bedroom. Here, a bed is both essential and big, gobbling up lots of floor space from the start. So how can you make the most of a tiny bedroom and enjoy sharing it, too? Follow the advice below, which includes a mix of design ideas and strategies to help you and your partner rethink your bijou bedroom and get the best from it.

…and invest in great bedding
And on that point, since there may not be room for much besides a bed in a compact sleep space, go big on the bed itself. Treat you and your partner to gorgeous bed linen, comfy cushions and luxe fabrics. Make this key piece of furniture beautiful and inviting and the dimensions of the room will become less relevant!

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