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    Zaha Hadid’s World of Fluid Freedom

    When news broke on Thursday morning 31st Mar 2016 that architect Zaha Hadid had died, she was quickly mourned by a trio of her peers: Frank Gehry and Joseph Giovannini sat together over breakfast and called Robert A. M. Stern to have a group cry. “We just loved her,” Gehry…

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    Gehry’s Tree House to Facilitate a New Model of Learning

    “I can’t help it, being so crazy, the thoughts that come into my mind,” apologises Frank Gehry. The man many call one of the world’s greatest living architects talked about his love of Don Quixote and Alice in Wonderland after the launch of his first Australian building, described by the…

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Here within these pages you will discover some of the most intriguing and fearless artistic creators and designers across time and space.

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