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    The World’s Most Expensive Hotel Suites are About to Melt

    The world’s first and largest hotel made of ice and snow rises in a new shape every winter and then literally disappears back into the Torne River in April as the springtime sun returns. Once it is gone, clients are given a bottle containing some of the melt water, along with the…

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    Zaha Hadid’s World of Fluid Freedom

    When news broke on Thursday morning 31st Mar 2016 that architect Zaha Hadid had died, she was quickly mourned by a trio of her peers: Frank Gehry and Joseph Giovannini sat together over breakfast and called Robert A. M. Stern to have a group cry. “We just loved her,” Gehry…

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    Van Gogh’s Bedroom is on Airbnb!

    Have you ever looked at the painting and wondered what it would be like to step inside, now’s your chance! Thanks to The Art Institute of Chicago who has teamed up with Airbnb, you can now experience the magnificent work of Vincent van Gogh from the artist’s perspective for a…

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    Gehry’s Tree House to Facilitate a New Model of Learning

    “I can’t help it, being so crazy, the thoughts that come into my mind,” apologises Frank Gehry. The man many call one of the world’s greatest living architects talked about his love of Don Quixote and Alice in Wonderland after the launch of his first Australian building, described by the…

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    If you’ve got dinner plans in London make sure you stop off for pre-dinner cocktails in The Langham’s exquisite Artesian Bar as the space is the ultimate source of sophistication. Created by late David Collins, the award-winning bar takes its eclectic inspiration from the Victorian Cabinets of Curiosities featuring hidden textures…

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    Home ( very ) Sweet Home

    An apartment in which Art and Design room together With the exhibition HOME (very) SWEET HOME, Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac has imagined an apartment in which works of art and objects of decorative art are used to stimulate the spectators’ senses, their emotions, and their mood. The visitor reproduces the movements of…

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    Berndnaut Smilde Creates Clouds Indoors

    Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde has become known for his Nimbus series comprised of striking images of ‘real’ clouds suspended within empty rooms. Smilde’s godlike powers come from simple science — he carefully regulates the temperature and humidity of the space, ensuring that conditions are perfect. Then, he sprays a short…

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    The Private World of Ives Saint Laurent

    An emotional portrayal of the beginning of the couture house, the newly released film shows Yves Saint Laurent’s tumultuous relationship with  Pierre Bergé.  It is a celebration of Saint Laurent’s genius but also a painful revelation about his emotional vulnerability and fragile mental health. At times, the likeness of Pierre…

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    Les Lalanne

    From the 1960s onwards, Les Lalanne captivated a whole generation and soon had a cult following among notable private collectors around the world who either bought their works or even commissioned them bespoke projects. Fashion luminaries such as Coco Chanel, Hubert de Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé, Karl Lagerfeld,…

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